Recession Proof Your Practice with Sanexas

COVID-19 has created a world-wide recession that could very well turn into a MAJOR DEPRESSION!

COVID-19 has created an entirely different ball game, you need a clinical model that will propel your clinic into MASSIVE SUCCESS! 

The Sanexas has transformed my practice and is helping my “most difficult” Peripheral Neuropathy & Pain patients, get relief, and feel better FAST!  I can’t wait to share it with you.

Sanexas is FDA Cleared and Medicare & Insurance Accepted!

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Increase Practice Revenue

Medicare & Insurance Reimbursement allow you to generate income fast and maintain a consistent flow month to month. 

Improve Patient Outcomes

Patients just get better!  That’s the best part about Sanexas, it works.  It really works.  I’m living pain free after 13 years of suffering with Neuropathy Pain!

100% Staff Driven

The Best Part about implementing Sanexas into your practice is that it is 100% Staff Driven.  You don’t even need to be there! I will show you how to set everything up, from Start to Finish.

Recession Proof Your Practice!

Why You Need a Sanexas

I am confident that you will find Immediate success with Sanexas.  Practitioners from all around the country are reaping the rewards.

I have taken care of the entire process, from start to finish, to get you setup with a Sanexas in your office in a matter of weeks.  Training is included.  Plus I have blue prints for successful Marketing, Billing, and office flow.  Don’t try to re-create the wheel.  Use what works!


It Works!

I suffer with peripheral neuropathy and Sanexas is the ONLY thing that has helped me!  Your Patients will experience life changing results.


Free In-Office Training

My staff person will come to your office to train your staff.


100% Staff Driven

The best part about Sanexas is that you don’t have to be involved in the day-to-day process to see success.  Your staff can treat patients without you.


Medicare & Insurance Accepted

 I will provide you with the billing company that we use with great success!  No need to worry about codes.


Turn Key Marketing Platform

I will provide you with my newspaper ad where that we signed up new 84 patients!


ENFD (Epidermis Nerve Fiber Density) Testing

The ENFD (Epidermis Nerve Fiber Density) test will show you evidence that the Sanexas is working for your patients.

$99 Per Month for First 3 Months Deferred Financing

We understand that purchasing new equipment can be a daunting task and feel a bit risky.  

We offer amazing financing options that will allow you to defer the first 3 monthly payments (Only $99/month due).

What do you have to lose?  It’s time to change your practice forever by introducing Sanexas.  Stop waiting, the time is now to start making a difference in your patient’s lives.

New Office Layout

You don’t need an entire re-model to put Sanexas in your practice.  The devices are small, portable, and can fit anywhere.  Take a look at my setup…it’s super easy!


This is the biggest mistake I see practitioners making.  They get so hung up on the little things that prevent them from making a life changing breakthrough.


The proof is here!  The best part about Sanexas is that it helps get patients better.  Even the most challenging cases, can in most instances see dramatic improvement.  I am an example of it myself!


Stop getting in the way of your own success.  The Sanexas is the biggest no brainer for your practice.  


Stop wasting your time on promoting services that take your time and resources.  Sanexas patients are ready for care when they call you!

What is Sanexas?

SANEXAS Electric Cell Signaling Machine uses electrical signals to treat pain and circulatory conditions.

Sanexas has developed an advanced, physics-based medical technology referred to as “Electric Cell Signaling Treatment” (ECST) that illustrates how quantum mechanics underpins electromagnetic therapies for long term pain management.

Our spread-spectrum frequency hopping FM signal generator, with sophisticated communications-level technology, produces and delivers “patented” signal energy waves in continually-varying sequential and random patterns via specialty electrodes that are applied transcutaneously on the skin.

In a study done by Clarence Cone, MD, PhD at the University of Virginia, they found that Sanexas provided up to a 500% increase in intracellular cAMP via sustained cell membrane depolarization.

What It Treats?

The SANEXAS Electric Cell Signaling Treatment treats (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Neuropathy/radiculopathy 
  • Improve nerve health and regeneration
  • Neuromuscular reeducation and training
  • Creates relief of chronic intractable pain (osteoarthritis) 
  • Muscle spasms relaxation
  • Increased local blood circulation
  • Prevents the retardation of disuse atrophy
  • Acute/chronic pain conditions
  • Post-traumatic pain syndromes
  • Aids in treatment in post-surgical pain conditions
  • Improved tissue/organ function

How it Works

Before any treatment begins, the medical professional will make a diagnosis of the patient and prescribe a treatment plan. The dosage levels will vary depending upon patient demands and individual medical condition. 

Under the trained medical professional supervision, the patient will first receive a series of injections of a proprietary blend of vitamins.

The blends and injections are not optional and help the nerve heal faster!

The medical professional will then spray the sponges and place them inside of the suction cups. They are attached to the SANEXAS machine and attach them to the patient’s area of concern. 

If the patient feels pain in the hand or feet, the medical professional may attach the sponges with a wrap. 

Most patients who receive treatment report it to be an enjoyable sensation and experience. Some describe it as a tingling/vibrating pressure. If the vasopneumatic device is applied along with the Electronic Cell Signaling Treatment (ECST), patients feel a pulsation and gentle massage. 

    What Are Doctors Saying?

    “In over 33 Years and over 8,000 patients I have seen a lot. 

    In October of 2019 we started using the Sanexas program and it has been working wonderfully.”

    “We are having great results with our patients. And it has been financially beneficial to our practice. “

    – Staff Driven

    – Training is Great

    – Call Dr. Johnson!


    John Harper, DC

    Very High % Success Rate

    The best part about Sanexas is that patients are getting better.  We are seeing a really high success rate and patients are experience amazing benefits from their treatments.

    FDA Cleared (510K Compliant)

    Alleviate patient concerns that Sanexas has been tested, and is cleared by the FDA to treat pain.

    Over 30 Published Studies

    More than 30 published medical reports are available by written request covering neuropathic conditions, CIPN, foot drop or long-term intractable pain conditions.

    Sanexas Technology is Superior

    Electric Cell Signaling Treatment (EST) is far superior to TENS therapy, a claim which will be substantiated in this video on Mechanism of Action.  Mechhansim of Action…

    Proven, Turn Key Marketing Solution

    We will connect you with the people that will build out your entire marketing platform that has been proven to generate 10-20+ New Sanexas Patients per month.

    Top 3 Reasons To Implement Sanexas in Your Practice

    Medicare & Insurance Reimbursement

    Return on Investment

    The average insurance reimbursement we are seeing is $192.00 per visit with the average number of treatments at 24 visits.  

    Improve Patient Outcomes

    It Really Works!

    The best part about Sanexas is that patients are getting better!  Most patients start to see improvement after the first few sessions.  When you see the smiles on their faces, it’s everything. 

    100% Staff Run – No Need for You

    More Time For “You!”

    We will help to train your staff to manage the entire Sanexas process from start to finish. You will be able to enjoy time off, spend more time working on your practice, while recurring revenue is generated by your staff.

    Your Practice Needs A Sanexas!

    I have done all of the legwork, I have the road map to success, let me show you how to get there.

    Easy to Implement, See Immediate Returns

    Training, Billing, and Marketing Blue Prints Provided

    Staff Run and Operated Program with Limited Supervision