Sanexas is a Perfect fit For Any Practice

You can lease it anywhere from $950 to $1050/month depending on your credit. We strongly recommend leasing because you can put the remainder into marketing!


The Benefits of Sanexas are Easy

Sanexas is FDA cleared for all pain, circulatory, and rehab issues. It is reimbursable via insurance and Medicare. (If you are a DC, we can show you how to hire an NP, setup the proper protocols and how to bill for optimal Reimbursement within all Medicare and Insurance guidelines.)

Very High % Success Rate

We are seeing a very high % Success Rate when treating Peripheral Neuropathy & Chronic Pain.  It’s the ONLY Treatment that worked on the Neuropathy that has been with me since 2006.  Truly life changing!

FDA Cleared

Sanexas is an FDA cleared device and is reimbursed by Medicare and Insurance.  The approval is very important and gives your patients confidence that the therapy is safe and effective.

Over 30 Published Studies

Sanexas has been extensively researched and has numerous published studies. It is proven, safe, and effective in treating chronic pain associated with Peripheral Neuropathy, and other common conditions.

MEDICARE Reimbursed

The best part about Sanexas is that it is covered by Medicare.  The reimbursement rates vary between states, but typical reimbursements are $180-$198 per session.  This makes most patients great candidates for this treatment.

PPO Insurance Accepted

Most major PPO insurance reimburses the Sanexas treatment at a rate even higher than Medicare.  The goal is to allow your patients to bill whatever insurance plan they are on.  Co-payments do apply (in some instances)

100% Staff Managed

This process can be managed by your team with very limited involvement by you or your NP.

It’s time to Transform Your Practice

I would love for you to experience the same amount of success that Sanexas has brought my practice.  I have set the entire thing up for you, from start to finish.  Have questions?  Let’s jump on a call, I look forward to learning more about your practice and how I may be able to help.  – Dr. Johnson

Sanexas FAQ

We make sure that you are fully equipped with everything that you need to purchase a device, get the proper training, setup your billing, implement a successful marketing process, and thrive with Sanexas.

How Long does it Take From the Time I order to the Time that I am up and Running?

We can get you setup quickly.  From the time you apply for financing, place your order, get delivery, and schedule your training will only take a couple of weeks.  We can move fast…

How Do I Setup the Billing Properly?

We will connect you with the proper billing team to help you.  They handle all of the billing for Sanexas across the country.  It’s easy, don’t waste time trying to re-create the wheel.

Do I need to hire a PA to run the Sanexas?

You will need to hire a PA if you are not able to become credentialed by medicare.  We will be able to figure out the best solution for you and walk you through the process we are doing in my office here in Appleton.

When is My first Payment Due?

Your first payment is not due until month #3.  We give you this deferred payment option so you are able to implement your program and generate the revenue to cover the cost. 

What Codes do I use to Bill Medicare?

All of the billing codes can be discussed with your billing company.  They will make sure to bill properly to get you the proper amount of reimbursement for every Sanexas treatment session.

How Do I get New Patients into My Office?

We have a very strategic, and proven marketing program that we will introduce you to.  This combines the best of TV ads with specialized Digital Marketing to generate new patient inquires and appointments month after month.